“Sentinels” Reviews

“A poignant, heartwarming story of how human kindness and the willingness to take risks can make a difference.”
James. M. McPherson – Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Battle Cry of Freedom

“The Sentinels of Andersonville is Tracy Groot’s beautifully written retelling of an age-old story of the triumph of compassion in the midst of horror and evil. Set in and around the Andersonville Prison, the lives of three Southerners converge as they plot to save a friend. Transformation and redemption are at the heart of The Sentinels of Andersonville. Tracy Groot proves to be a first-rate storyteller.”
Robert Hicks – New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Widow of the South and A Separate Country

“Well-researched, inspirational historical tale…compelling and memorable for a diverse audience.”
Booklist Review, Jan ’14

“This Civil War-era story grapples with fundamental moral questions about decency and conscience-questions that can be asked about all wars.” with, “Good historical homework…memorable characters”, “page-turning”, and “a good instinct.”
★ Starred Review, Publisher’s Weekly Nov ’13

TOP PICK! – “If the Truth hurts, this devastating story is like a knife to the heart. At a time when small deeds seem insignificant in the face of great atrocities, a small group of Christians help each other find hope. This story of a Good Samaritan shines brightly as the characters place themselves in danger.”
RT Book Review, Feb ’14

EDITOR’S CHOICE! – “This novel is a stirring story that demands to be read in one sitting because readers won’t want to leave these unforgettable characters, and Tracy Groot could not have done a better job with this topic. Even while giving us horrifying visions of “fence-posts” of dead soldiers, we still cannot help but reach for that ultimate gift of a happily- ever-after. The Sentinels of Andersonville is a wonderfully powerful and evocative story that I would recommend to any historical fiction fan.”
Historical Novel Society, UK, Feb ’14

“Fast-paced, with endearing protagonists and a thoughtful exploration of why some people do nothing in the face of evil and others risk everything to battle it, The Sentinels of Andersonville is an excellent novel to read and discuss.”
CBA Retailers + Resources, Feb ’14

“Tracy Groot has crafted an incredible journey into history that is sure to change the way you perceive the Civil War. . . . Two thumbs up on this one . . . it’s immensely satisfying.”
Radiant Lit, Jan ’14

“Tracy Groot has crafted an incredible journey into history that is sure to change the way you perceive the Civil War. Because of the various points of view and the internal strife in the United States during this time, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. . . I highly recommend this book to American history lovers or to people who just want to learn something new.”
FictionAddict.com, Jan ’14

“The Sentinels of Andersonville is extraordinary. . . This is definitely an award winner for me. One that could easily be on the big screen. This is a finely written story and as you will see, Tracy did her homework and gives us a clear and stunning portrayal of the days during Andersonville.”
Robin Prater, Feb ’14