Flame of Resistance Reviews

Publisher’s Weekly, June ’12

“Christy winner Groot (Madman) sets her WWII-era tale in Normandy in spring 1944. American pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down, and saved and recruited by local French resistance fighters. He will impersonate a German officer to collect intelligence from a local prostitute, Brigitte Durand, whose brothel serves German officers. But when the stakes are high and the French are exhausted by occupation and mistrust, it is easy to slip.

Groot cleverly reworks the biblical story of the prostitute Rahab, who helps the forces of Joshua take Jericho. She also does good historical work with details and subtle psychological work with her characters. The Germans aren’t all villains, and not all the resistance fighters are squeaky-clean heroes. She even manages comic relief in spite of the overwhelmingly grim circumstances of occupied France after four years of war. WWII-era novels are popular; this is a superior, page-turning entry in that niche.

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Relz’s Reviews, July ’12

“Readers who thrive on a challenging and intellectually stimulating novel need look no further than Tracy Groot’s intense World War II novel, FLAME OF RESISTANCE. Cleverly weaving the Biblical story of the prostitute Rahab into a tale of a young French woman who has found a way to survive the Nazi occupation of France, Groot ensnares readers with accurate historical detail and gripping prose. With complex characters, authentically reflecting good and evil within both the French Resistance and German camps, this story overflows with intrigue, passion, sacrifice and humanity. FLAME OF RESISTANCE is an excellent read and one I thoroughly recommend, not only for history buffs but for anyone who enjoys reading a book a cut above the usual fare.”

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Midwest Book Review, July ’12

FLAME OF RESISTANCE offers a fine World War II history novel and is set in Normandy on the edge of D-Day. Biblical experience and references follow the story of spies, Nazis, calls to duty and challenges to morality and ethics brought about by D-Day’s actions. Tracy Groot adds fine research on the event and World War II environment, both of which make FLAME OF RESISTANCE a powerful saga that essentially retells the story of Rahab from Joshua 2 in the Bible. A fine pick for any collection strong in religious or military accounts.

James Cox, MBR reviewer.

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Interview with Tracy Groot from the “Why the Novel Matters” website.

Novel Matters: Tracy, you’re an avid reader. Tell us about the novels have informed you as a writer over the years?
Tracy Groot: East of Eden is probably one of the most influential books I’ve ever read.
NM: How so?
TG: Steinbeck taught me that as a writer, it’s okay to teach. A Tale of Two Cities also affected me profoundly, in ways that are hard to articulate. I promise, that’s not a copout; I wish I could figure out why it’s such a powerful novel to me. I don’t mind to let it remain a splendid mystery. A few other notables are To Kill a Mockingbird, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Killer Angels, Great Expectations, A Christimas Carol, Ender’s Game, The Great Gatsby (I hate it that I can’t figure that novel out), Jane Eyre, A Wrinkle in Time, The Lord of the Rings…I could go on for about a year.
NM: Okay, lots of American classics, and some great British fiction writers mixed in. So, if you could sit down with any writer in history, or living today, who would it be and why?
TG: What an incredibly unfair question.
NM: (Evil grin.)
TG: Can I sit down with 3 or 4?

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