Tracy Receives the Mark

Never say never, and never say stuff like “I won’t have a Facebook account until they make it a law” right on your home page, ‘cause you’ll eat it later. Yep, I’ve received the mark of the Facebook beast. It’s called a “Fan Page” (yeah, and doesn’t that make me feel dopey) linked to Jack’s Facebook account, for the purpose of displaying my books because my agents say I gotta have, and the technical term is, “on-line presence.” Incidentally, I have two agents because I’m a special case—Kathy speaks and Dan interprets, because Kathy speaks a language I can’t understand. It’s called Sense.

Anyway, it’s not a very social page from my end. But you know what? This borderline Luddite, (word courtesy of Meredith Smith—look it up on Wikipedia, it’s a great word) who from obtuse laziness and absence of techno curiosity rages against anything new, now takes the first tottering step to the Technological Revolution.

It’s all about being electrocuted together. I’d be one lonely little Luddite if some blown transformer sends you all to Jesus without me. I’d get stuck evangelizing the Left Behind, and who needs that kind of responsibility. And Kathy wouldn’t be around to talk Sense, and Dan wouldn’t be here to interpret. We go, we go together. In this, I am resolute.

So thanks for welcoming me back to the ranks. Because I yet have a foot in Luddite Land, I’d love if you’d contact me via my website if you ever wanna talk about stuff because, have mercy, it’s all about baby steps. When I’m a big girl, I may have my own Facebook account.

(Or not. Said the diabolical inner Luddite vying for control…)

Cheerio, all!