First Blog Essay; On Blogs, Facebook, and the New World Order.

I used to write essays for my old website. Things change. People don’t write essays any more, they Blog. In a visually aesthetic way, Blog is an ugly word to me. Wish they could’ve come up with something nicer. Even pronunciation isn’t nice: it’s either BLAHG or BLAWG. This should have gone to committee. We should have called it Pie. Pie is nice in every way, visually and audibly, and we could have made it mean “Blog”, because we can do that.

It all comes down to a New World Tech Head Order. I’m not a tech head. I don’t Facebook or Twitter. Got enough twitter going on in my own head without doing everyone the favor of spewing it onto the World Wide Web. Yet, in some things I want to be heard for the simple reason that I’m a writer, and I write. So in laying down the essay venue for my new site, in trying to figure out the new rules for the new order, an interactive essay (blog) was an astonishing concept at first. “Feedback?” I asked my web guy. “Why would I want feedback?” (Anyone who doesn’t have Facebook isn’t interested in feedback.)

But I get it, and that’s why I have a contact page. I like to add my assent or dissent now and then, too. I like to be heard, and I like (generally) to hear. It’s called being part of the human race, and though I won’t Facebook, I’ll stick my toe in the techno water just enough to get electrocuted so we can all go down together. It’s called “community.”

Community is good. I get it now. I like mankind, I like being part of multiple kingdoms, seen and unseen. There was a time when it wasn’t so. I used to be a gregarious isolationist. I’ll save that for a later entry.

So here I am. My website is as Facebook as I’ll ever get, but it’s a toe in the water and I’m glad to be here. Glad you stopped by. It’s about getting electrocuted together, man.

There’s a lot of love in this room.

So I’ll check in now and again with an essay—or whatever you want to call it. Blog. Pie. Until then, cheerio. Hope your day goes well.